With an extensive background in test and inspection of printed circuit boards, both at the fabrication and assembly level, Zero Defects International (ZDI) has long-term partnerships with two leading European equipment manufacturers — Seica, Inc. and Viscom, Inc., for whom ZDI serves as sales representatives. Seica is headquartered in Italy and Viscom in Germany. A more recent addition to the portfolio is Tagarno, a Danish manufacturer of inspection equipment.

ZDI also has a long-term relationship with Landrex Technologies (Asia) and. additionally, ZDI has a partnership with Epoch International (China). Each of these companies provides test fixtures and/or other automated PCBA test solutions.

Seica, Inc. – Test and Selective Soldering Equipment

At Seica, your success is the measure of ours. Since its launch in 1986, Seica has developed a range of products and services that meet the specific testing needs of the electronics manufacturing industry.

Seica’s innovative test solutions are being used across the globe to improve quality, increase productivity and save money in automobile, military and consumer markets.

Seica has refined and developed innovative and visionary solutions to match the requirements of specialist sectors such as defense and aerospace in which stringent standards for product quality, reliability and support are mandatory.

Viscom, Inc. – AOI and X-Ray Inspection Equipment

Viscom Systems make defects visible to you that you can’t recognize with your own eye. As a pioneer in the field of industrial image processing and with its unique range of products, Viscom is one of the most important suppliers of optical testing systems worldwide.

A wide spectrum of products offers applications for practically every customer’s need. Constant development of new products and refinement of tried-and-proven standard applications ensures that Viscom inspection systems remain state-of-the-art. Especially in printed circuit board inspection, Viscom has assumed a position of global leadership.

Automated optical inspection (AOI) and automated X-Ray inspection (AXI) systems for PCBAs. Including simultaneous AOI/AXI inspection systems.

International is a well established and diversified company which offers specialized design and engineering services for a wide range of applications involving automation.

Epoch also manufactures test equipment and black box test modules for the PCBA industry.

Landrex Technologies provides ICT, MDA, backplane and functional test fixtures in North America, Asia, and worldwide.

Offering the benefits of local technology, service and support coupled with Asian Economics.

Camera Solutions For The Electronics Sector

The broad magnification range, the superb high definition image quality, the great ergonomics and the flexibility of multiple individual adjustments are the defining features of the MAGNUS HD product line, used in electronic industries worldwide.

TAGARNO’s camera solutions are ideal for a variety of application areas within the electronics industries. In the world of inspection and development, the TAGARNO product range is for example used for inspection and repair of PCBAs.

Final inspection for any nonconformities in the visual appearance of the circuit board. Chips, Dents, Scratches, Cracks, Surface irregularities, Foreign Material, Discoloration, Damages, etc.

Acroname was founded in 1994. Now, 20+ years later, our BrainStem technology encompasses a full suite of highly expandable hardware and software tools. BrainStem is used in OEM applications around the globe and current iterations of this technology can be found in our MTM, 40-pin and Programmable USB Hub offered today in our online store.